Purpose of Life- Are You Ready to Stop Throwing Your Life Away as You Finally Discover Your Life Pur

If you’re wondering about the purpose of life, the easy way to solve this problem is to decide it’s time for you to seriously plan out your life’s authentic mission.The best explanation for why a lot of people are surviving without intention is because they’ve never taken the time to plan life out. Almost all people are working at jobs or careers they "happened in to". Almost all people are living mundane, tiresome lives without feeling the joy they should be.Almost all people are existing with a intense feeling of trepidation or alarm instead of experiencing the true purpose of existence to have fun.That’s right, life is indeed supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, you may have learned along the way that you were supposed to be miserable all day long. Nothing could be further from the truth.Let’s look at three results that come with discovering and living your Life Purpose. Then, we’ll take a look at three tactics to aid you in beginning this process.Your Personal PhilosophyThe number one advantage to discovering your own purpose of life is that you determine your Personal Philosophy. Your Personal Philosophy comes down to how you see life. It’s the paradigm through which you see the universe you live in.This is where you jot down the morals, principles, and values by which you intend to live by. There’s a huge difference in the Life Purpose of a person valuing integrity and honesty as opposed to the person who doesn’t mind lying and cheating now and again.Like so many others, you may very well be living a life today that doesn’t match up with your Personal Philosophy. Does your job have you performing duties that go against your principles and morals? Have you allowed a friend, family member, or spouse to steer you in directions that have you violating your values? Getting your Personal Philosophy in focus will let you make life decisions very easily from the paradigm of principles that you hold dearly.Your VisionAs your Life Purpose comes squarely into focus, your entire life vision changes. Instead of living life “by accident” and praying things work out, you now see clearly how each choice affects you now and in the future.With your purpose of life mapped out, you no longer accept anything that goes against that vision and purpose. Imagine the difference in your caliber of life when you make choices based on personal truth rather than anything else society may be recommending you do.Making a DifferenceSince many people in today’s society are trapped in “survival mode”, they have relinquished all thoughts of “purpose” or living with “intention”. However, when you decide to finally raise yourself above this and work on yourself in order to realize your Life Purpose, you’ll ascertain that your discovery of your authentic reason for being alive will end up in a life where you make a difference to those around you.Finding your Life Purpose is marvelous. It comes with a feeling of meaning. It allows you to effect powerful change on a world in need of such a thing. It allows you to finally stop saying, “someday” and to start living “now”. You help other people “now”… you make a difference “now”.What a beautiful way to live! Look WithinNow that you’ve read about three of the multiple blessings you’ll get when you invest the time to find your purpose of life, let’s take a look at three steps that will help you along this journey.The first thing you need to realize is that you’re not going to find the answers to your Life Purpose by searching outside of yourself. Just the opposite, this is when you must start finding alone time where you can focus within for the answers to your personal purpose of life.This is a spiritual growth path as well as a personal growth process. You’re working on learning about your inner self and the lessons this higher self can teach you. You may want to invest time in learning about the many meditation methods in order to help you look within.Focus on Your Inner ChildGoing back to your childhood is a key aspect to discovering the purpose of life. There was a marvelous time at some point in your childhood when you saw life as magical, special, joyous, and amazing. This life paradigm had nothing to do with validation from others or achievement.At one point, you were filled with joy and wonder simply for being alive. You want to get yourself back in touch with this place!You can start this process by returning to everything you enjoyed as a child. Think about your interests, the games you loved to play, the hobbies you participated in, etc. Begin brainstorming about that which makes you joyous simply “because” and you’re getting nearer to your own purpose of life.Write it DownSomething good happens when you decide to write down your thoughts. It becomes more real to you. It has a much larger effect on your mind than when you only think about it. Therefore, make sure you write down your innermost thoughts and feelings as you start to focus on discovering your Life Purpose.You’ve learned three advantages of discovering the purpose of life and three tactics you can start working on your own Life Purpose. While there are literally dozens of steps necessary to work through in this process, these three should help you get started.
Purpose of Life: Are You Ready to Stop Throwing Your Life Away as You Finally Discover Your Life Pur

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As a result of a team's commitment and efforts, it would be fair to expect that its productivity, synergy and efficiency not only will be forthcoming,louis vuitton wallpaper for ipad, but that they also will be around for an extended period.Often, they are. But what about those times when the team starts to slow down; when the momentum is not what it once was. What are some of the key areas that could be causing the team to stagnate? 1. Can't get it done: we are too busyThe team is busy; really busy. Everything and everybody is moving at the speed of light. There is so much going on that no-one has really taken the time to ask, "Is this what we should be doing? Are we heading in the right direction?"Just because you are busy doesn't mean that you are productive or moving forward and upward.As US basketball coaching legend John Wooden has often said, "Don't mistake activity for achievement"2. On the road to nowhereThe team resembles a new driver, first day out on the road with their provisional licence. They are out driving: don't know where they are going or why. They are just driving and doing a great job of it, and hey, eventually they have to end up somewhere.Make sure the energy, passion, commitment and focus of the team are directed towards its primary purpose.3. Effort V ResultThe team is outlaying a tremendous amount of effort,louis vuitton wallpaper for ipad, energy and time but the results that are coming in return are negligible.Obviously at times the team is going to have to put in the hard yards with very little evidence for return on investment; however, this should be at times when the team knows this will happen.But if the team measures results against time, effort and commitment, and they donít get the answer they expect, then there will be problem on two fronts:a. No resultsb. Disgruntled team4. Defence V OffenceThe opposition is all over you and the team. Every move you make they seem to be one step in front of youDon't start focussing on what they are doing. Understand it but don't focus on it. Instead,louis vuitton wallpaper for ipad, focus on you.Create a common purpose. In this case it could be to beat the opposition. Nothing brings a group of people together like a common enemy.But the mindset has to be to go after the opportunity and not to just defend from the oppositionís attack.5. No-one in Everybody out!Do not let the team turn on itself so that each team member becomes an opponent of another.Create a culture that brings the team together, in line with the purpose and objectives of the team. Develop a system that recognises and rewards unity.Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and highlight the importance of those roles being accepted and fulfilled.6. The zip-zip begins to slipEnergy, enthusiasm and effort is all generated by a number of factors.As a member of a team or as the team leader, you need to know the triggers for these types of emotions and attitudes and how you can bring them to light each and every day.Generate a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, an opportunity to excel. Bring to the individuals and the team a process that challenges and excites and an outcome that they will take pride in achieving.Now the interesting thing about these aspects is that you should not wait until the team stagnates before you check on them.You should be checking these, and other aspects that influence collaborative performance, on a regular basis.The journey continues!
When the wheels stop turning

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One day, you wake up, look around and realize that your life has spun out of control.  Your life, once so normal has become like a nightmare. Your job, your personal life, your family, your peace of mind has all been disturbed and you feel powerless to make any change or improvement.
The source of this disturbance is the anxiety that has invaded your life and come home to roost in a seemingly permanent manner.
Everyone experiences panic; we would simply be robots if we didn’t. While these feelings of distress may be normal in small, isolated doses, they should not be a pervasive,chanel kaleidoscope nouvelle vague, all consuming fire that threatens your sanity with every step and action. For anxiety sufferers, the feelings of distress are constant companions that cannot be shaken, that cannot be reasoned with and cannot be easily tamed. The resulting stress from having to contend with such an overwhelming dread leaves many sufferers exhausted and miserable.
Sustained angst can have physical manifestations that can severely affect your health.  Some of these affects include:• A rapid heartbeat
• Difficulty breathing
• Dizziness
• Loss of sensation or tingling in your hands and feet. 
• Disorientation
• SweatingThese are only some of the effects that could sweep over you as you struggle with a panic attack or excessive apprehension. After experiencing such scary symptoms many people seek to avoid duplicating this occurrence, whatever the cost.
They examine the triggers that could have brought these overwhelming feelings about.  They associate the experience with whatever they were doing or wherever they were located when the panic attack struck. After identifying what they believe to be the cause of their distress they avoid any situation where the causes of their anxious episode might be duplicated.Avoiding the fear becomes a priority and pretty soon your life gets out of whack and relationships, job performance and your physical and mental health suffer. If you are afraid to be around a crowd of people you may neglect going to the gym, seeing movies, eating out with friends or engaging in any kind of social activity. Interacting with coworkers may become problematic and job opportunities may pass you by.  As your life contracts,chanel kaleidoscope nouvelle vague, your mental state spirals downwards. Cut off from friends, activities and mental stimulation, your mind becomes overwhelmed with anxiety and fear and sleep can be disrupted.  The lack of sleep,chanel kaleidoscope nouvelle vague, the stress involved with avoiding panic inducing interactions and the fear make you a shadow of your former self. Understanding the power of the mind and its ability to consume your thoughts with unrealistic or exaggerated worries is the first step in changing your situation.  Your mental and physical health are important and should be protected and cared for.  Relieving your mind of worry will help relieve your body of the manifestations of that worry. By eliminating the physical symptoms that can produce such dread, you will in turn help your mental outlook. No one wants to contend with a rapidly beating heart or shortness of breath or disorientation. These feelings are scary and while it’s a natural instinct to avoid them, we need to find ways to resolve them without damaging our lives.
Anxiety Attacks,chanel kaleidoscope nouvelle vague, Panic Attacks, and Stress - Understanding the Impact of These Feelings on Your Heal

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Copyright (c) 2008 Elizabeth DavisA scar is where trauma once stood but stands no more.A scar is memory. (Why does scar tissue replace itself? If our cells constantly replenish, why does a scar remain? Memory of the injury? DNA? Both?)A scar says you've engaged with life and survived the confrontation.A scar makes you stronger.Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, says, "A scar results from the biologic process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body. Thus, scarring is a natural part of the healing process. With the exception of very minor lesions, every wound (e.g. after accident, disease, or surgery) results in some degree of scarring." A scar is a healing. Ponder that for a moment.Where do you have scars? The location is our first clue to its potential meaning. Since I'm a hand analyst by trade, we'll focus today on scars in your hands.Here's a list of scar locations in your hands and their possible meanings. Please re-interpret the meaning for yourself by reflecting on how old you were when the injury occurred, how you felt about your life at that time and what issues you were struggling with then, if any. Please note these "scars" can be cuts, scrapes, sprains, discoloration, warts, calluses, etc.Scar Locations In Your Hands:* Back of the hand: Self-protection, self-defense, confrontation, avoidance, anger* Thumb: Thwarted goals, frustration, incompletion, BIG desire for success and money* Index/Pointer Finger (Jupiter): Power struggles, victim/abuser cycles, too much/too little responsibility, secret desire to lead, suppressed visionary capabilities* Middle Finger (Saturn): Insecurity, doubt, fear, issues around time, money and self-esteem, desire to learn about business and be financially independent* Ring Finger (Apollo): Reluctance to be visible or "on stage," need for approval and acceptance, being "nice" to win people over, fear of rejection,louis vuitton mens shoes wholesale, craving for artistic expression and acknowledgment* Pinky Finger (Mercury): Communication issues in relationships and business transactions, not speaking up for one's self, fear of speaking out, buried desire to be a messenger (songwriter, actor, writer, speaker,louis vuitton mens shoes wholesale, TV/radio broadcaster)* Palm,louis vuitton mens shoes wholesale, at base of the thumb: lack of joy, family abuse?, lost childhood, no time to play?, "is it time to learn to be a kid again?"* Palm, at wrist: Fear of the unconscious, "living on the surface," confusion, muddy emotions, hunger for connection to archetypes, the collective unconscious, fascination with the work of Carl Jung, Freud, etc., desire to help the ailing (hospice work),louis vuitton mens shoes wholesale, love of the water? love of sea creatures?* Palm, lower section, furthest from thumb: isolation, alienation, disconnected from spiritual depth and meaning, "where did she disappear to, she who howls at the moon?"* Palm, center: Transition, career angst, anger about career, what's next?, can indicate a job or residence change* Palm, between thumb and index finger: rage, early childhood violence (loss of parents, child abuse), lack of courage,louis vuitton mens shoes wholesale, upset over injustices toward self and/or others* Palm, below index finger: suppressing leadership potential, fear of being seen in the front, are you willing to be the valedictorian in your own life?* Palm, below middle finger: money/contractual issues, work issues around completing tasks, self-esteem and confidence issues, is it in writing? do you name your price and receive it?* Palm, below ring finger: Is it time to be on stage? find your art studio? are you getting applause regularly?* Palm, below pinky finger: How's your intimacy quotient? are you getting enough closeness and affection? are you a healer and not using your healing gifts?You can look on your scar as a bad memory or as a clue to where your soul is wanting you to pay attention and stretch, grow and expand. The choice, as always, is yours.
Scars in Your Hands: What Do They Mean?

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When the wonders of Bali call, some might shy away in fear that a trip to this legendary island destination will cost them more than they can afford. Whilst there is no denying this is a luxurious destination fit for jetsetters and royalty, there is no reason to believe the bank has to be broken to enjoy the wonders in style. When a few tricks of the trade are employed, holidaymakers can enjoy an ideal Bali accommodation even on a veritable shoestring budget.

The key to enjoying the best prices on a Bali holiday is to turn to the Internet for assistance. Here holidaymakers will discover companies that specialise in helping others make their Bali dreams come true. Whether a planned stay will take place in Lombok, Kuta, Ubud or another locale all together, a reputable booking web site can help travellers ensure they get the best possible pricing on not only Bali hotels,louis vuitton replica bags under 100 dollars, but also tours, destinations and more.

So,louis vuitton replica bags under 100 dollars, how can holidaymakers be certain theyve found a good site to book a Bali accommodation and extras through?

These things will help the best travel sites stand out:

* Specialty Bali isnt an average destination. With this in mind, it does pay off to work with travel booking sites that actually specialise in this Indonesian destination and its accommodations and attractions.

* Accommodation variety Bali has some incredible hotels to choose from and the best travel facilitators should offer a variety of them. Bali hotels,louis vuitton replica bags under 100 dollars, however, are not the only choices in accommodations. The best sites will also give holidaymakers access to Bali villas,louis vuitton replica bags under 100 dollars, resorts and apartments. The pricing offered should cover a wide spectrum of ranges, as well. It does not have to cost a fortune to make a Bali vacation dream become reality.

* Availability of tours Getting to Bali and having a place to stay doesnt ensure that holidaymakers will be able to take in the islands splendours. Tour packages, however, open the doors on regional landmarks. From Kintamani volcano tours to a full-day tour of the Besakih Mother Temple, the sites and wonders of Bali should also be made readily available at reasonable prices.

* Packages Bali packages give holidaymakers an incredible way to stretch their money and make sure they still take in all the sites they desire to see. Packages can vary greatly in their actual inclusions,louis vuitton replica bags under 100 dollars, but should at least provide visitors with a Bali accommodation and a major tour or two to enjoy.

* Customer service Beyond an wide selection of Bali hotels and tours, the best travel sites specialising in Bali will stand out based on the customer service they provide. To judge this, look for secured online transactions and actual contact names and numbers to facilitate holiday plans.

A vacation to the island paradise of Bali is a luxury, but it doesnt mean holidaymakers have to pay like it is. When a good travel web site is used to help plan and book a Bali accommodation, a dream vacation can be enjoyed that falls well within budget.

How To Get The Best Deals On A Bali Accommodation

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VigRX Plus The Leading Male Sexual Enhancement Product

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Single cruising is a lot of fun because of the friendly people you meet. Many cruise lines have special parties for single cruising passengers so that you can get to know your other single cruisers. However, if you are a first time cruiser it is recommended that you go on an organized single cruise. There are a lot of reasons for this. First of all you are guaranteed that there will be other singles on board. As a group you will have all kinds of special activities. The first night of your cruise the group will hold a cocktail party. It is a kind of getting to know you soiree for the entire single cruising group. There are other advantageous, sometimes they arrange a hotel stay the night before the cruise so you will already know who your fellow single cruisers are. During the cruise they will host games, organize group tours and of course, group dining. The organizers sometime set up message boards so the group can talk before the singles cruise begins.Dont try to go around the travel agency that is organizing the singles cruise because you think you can get it cheaper. Yes,louis vuitton rain high heel boots, you will be on the cruise with all the singles, but you wont be able to participate in the activities. The organizing travel agency will issue identification for the group of single cruisers and will have security at the functions so there will be no crashing the party. I spoke to a guy once who tried to do this and found out to late that he would be excluded. He even tried to pay to get into the activities but that was not allowed, so he missed out.There are always questions on whether or not you should book a single cabin or take the risk of a roommate assigned by either the cruise line or the organizing travel agency. This depends on how agreeable you are. Of course, you might end up with someone who is rude, so you are taking a chance. If you dont want to take the chance, book your own cabin which will be a bit more expensive.The travel agency will try to pick someone that is compatible. Criteria such as age, a smoker or not, and naturally, sex are used when trying to match cabin mates. If you opt to let them choose a cabin mate they may supply you an email address to contact the cabin mate so you can set some rules in advance. Find out what your cabin mates sleep habits are. If youre an early riser and your cabin mate likes to party, there will be a problem. Be flexible, the other person may want to set some rules too. The biggest problem with a stranger in the cabin on a singles cruise is that they might meet someone special and want to use the cabin for a few hours with you not in it. The organizing travel agency will set up the dining arrangements. If after the first night you are uncomfortable with your table talk to the Maitre D he will help you. From the information I have gotten, the organizing travel agency will usually mix the tables up every night so that everyone has a chance to interact. That is the ideal solution. If you have taken the plunge solo and booked your own cruise the same goes for you, speak to the Maitre D and he will help you. Many ships now have a variety of dining options where you and pick where you want to eat and when.Younger single cruisers should stick to three and four day cruises. One,louis vuitton rain high heel boots, because theyre cheaper and two, you dont use up a lot of vacation time. Pick a three day cruise on a weekend that falls on a holiday and you wont use up any vacation time at all. Three days is a short time to meet people, but single cruisers are sailing with the intention of meeting people so they wont be shy. If you booking this on your own, research which cruise lines offer special single cruising dates. The over 40 crowd will be on longer cruises because they have more money and time.If you are a single parent and you want to cruise with your kids choose a line that has a good childrens program. That way your kids are supervised and you are free to do what you please. Many travel agencies are catering to this need and are setting up single cruises for parents and their kids. So do some research to find agencies that are offering a program for single parent cruisers with children.If you are a single cruiser and you dont want to go on an organized single cruise, there are message boards out there where people post that they are looking for a roommate. Its a gamble, but if you really want to take a cruise and need to save money it is an option. There are two ways to do this. Choose a singles cruise; get the prices and the post a message to see if there are any takers. Or pick a date or an itinerary, do your post and see if anyone else is interested. Its risky but if someone answers your post you have plenty of time to talk over the internet to see if you are compatible.Single cruising is fun but dont set your heart on finding that special someone. Take a single cruise with the idea of having fun and meeting new people that may become fast friends. Chances that you will meet your life mate are very small but it will be fun trying. Maybe,louis vuitton rain high heel boots, when you least expect it, your dream will come true.For more mature female cruiser, look to the fancier cruise lines. They are a bit pricier but they usually have dance hosts and will seat you with the single gentlemen for dining.Some cruise lines have seen the advantage of attracting single cruisers and have lessened the single supplement. In the past Crystal,louis vuitton rain high heel boots, Radisson and Sliversea have reduced their single cruisers supplements. These are all luxury lines.For you single cruisers who want to brave it on your own here are some cruise lines that offer single cabins.Cunard’s QE2 was built with 122 single cabins, the new Queen Mary 2 has none. Besides the QE2, only Costa, Peter Deilmann Cruises, Holland America, NCL, Orient Line and Swan Hellenic still have a few single cabins on some of their ships, and these tend to be the older ships. One exception to the rule is Discovery World Cruises. While their ship MV Discovery has only two dedicated single cabins, 169 double cabins are also designated as singles and sold at a single rate. Peter Deilmann Cruises also offers a single rate on double cabins on most of their river ships.Call your travel agent and talk about single cruising and whats best for you.Happy Cruising!Copyright © Mary Hanna, All Rights Reserved.This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article,louis vuitton rain high heel boots, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.
Single Cruisers Can Go With A Group Or on Their Own

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Our family simply love it, travel in South Africa is easy for us, we live here. From our base in East London, in the Eastern Cape, we have a short hop through Port Alfred and on to Port Elizabeth. The start (or end) of the Garden Route, it depends which way youre coming from. For this travel article well take you from Cape Town toward Port Elizabeth and try and give new visitors to the area an insight into this beautiful part of South Africa.

Many LOCALS RATE this region of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape as one of the prettiest in the South Africa. There are a few arguments perhaps as to where the actual Garden route begins and ends as many say the Garden Route begins as one leaves Cape Town and ends on entering Port Elizabeth, whilst this might be true, the real Garden Route, the most beautiful section anyway, starts from the town of Mossel Bay and ends in Port Elizabeth.

We’ll take you through the route from Cape Town as if you were driving through. The road winds it’s way along the excellent N1 National Road, you won’t see much of the sea until you start the downhill section toward the town of Mossel Bay, passing the Sasol oil refinery, approximately four to five hours easy travel from Cape Town. Mossel bay can be described as a small but historical fishing town, built on the edge of a beautiful bay. Mossel Bay is currently being re-discoverred and has re-invented itself as a travel destination. Recently completed additions are the Casino complex; the Pinnacle Point Golf Estate, many residential apartments and accommodation options around Diaz Strand and the recently upgraded Mossel Bay Golf Club. One can either by-pass Mossel Bay on the N2 or take the easy detour through the town. This detour can be extended through the holiday resort villages of Klein Brak and Groot Brak Rivers , popular holiday resorts with many holiday homes, busy over the Christmas season.

Not too far along the highway you will by-pass the George Airport, serviced by SA Express airline and also the town of George and the large Garden Route Shopping Mall, recently built and confirming the role of George as the commercial hub of the Garden Route. George has wonderful examples of South African architecture, illustrating the influence of the Dutch extending from the 1600′s, commonly referred to as Cape-Dutch Architecture. George is the home of the famous Fancourt Golf Estate, a golf and residential complex where the Presidents Cup competition and many others have been played, if golf is your game, do not miss the more traditional George Golf Club, rated usually in the top ten in the country. If you intend heading for Oudtshoorn and the Karoo, this is where one can turn toward the North.

As you pass George you could take a turn to the right, a lovely little Bay, also a popular surfing spot, known as Victoria Bay and commonly referred to as Vic Bay by the locals, take a break and walk along the road in front of the houses, the writer was once fortunate enough to watch a cormorant (SA sea-bird) fishing a deep pool in chrystal clear water. Just after Vic Bay, some tight turns, a lovely section, through the Kaaimans Pass. Take it slowly and beware of speed restrictions through the turns and you will pop out over Dolphins Point, a great place for a view stop, look out for the schools of Dolphins but if you don’t see any, enjoy the vista of the Kaaimans River Mouth, the Indian Ocean and the Wilderness coastline.

Wilderness started off as a small resort village along one of the many rivers that link a series of lakes around the Wilderness town area and National Park, a nature reserve where water birds are abundant. Wilderness has since expanded with residential and accommodation developments between the N2 and the shoreline. The Wilderness can no longer be described as a small coastal area or resort town due to it’s expansion but it has succeeded in maintaining it’s natural beauty. For a little peace and quiet, particularly if you enjoy birding, walking or mountain biking, the Wilderness is a wonderful place to consider spending a night or two if you are touring or even longer for a family holiday. It is well situated with easy access to the rest of the Garden Route wich can be accessed by shorter day trips.

As you leave the Wilderness area, you will still feel part of the lake region as you travel the short hop, perhaps half an hour, toward the resort town of Sedgefield. Sedgefield is situated toward the end of the lakes and is a small holiday village that stretches out along the edge of the various waterways. Populated by many holiday homes and serviced by a shopping area along the N2,louis vuitton prices increase 2012, keep a look out for some local shops of interest, the whole area is home to forests and also some extremely able furniture manufacturers that have remained long after the last tree was ever brought down, this no longer being the practice.

A drive along the N2 for approximately twenty km’s takes one along the shores of Lake Pleasant to the turn off to Buffels Baai, or Buffalo Bay. As you drive along look out for the Outeniqua Choo Choo as it’s known, one of the last operating steam trains which plies the route daily between Knysna and George. Just a few minutes from the N2 along a tar road is the resort village of Buffels Baai where a lovely beach, one of the nicest along the Garden Route, lies shelterred in a small bay. An ideal stop over for a swim break, a lovely shop and reataurant and a long beach walk if you need to stretch your legs.

The next town is one of the reasons that makes the Garden Route a destination of choice. As you leave Buffels Baai and return to the N2, you will go up and over steep hill and cross the long bridge over the Knysna River, to your left the hilis and the River, on top of the hill you will see the Simola Golf Estate in the distance , to your right the full expanse of the famous Knysna Lagoon. A lovely scenic road takes one into the Knysna village, once the home of the timber industry in the region, now one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa. Knysna, with it’s Knysna Waterfront; Thesen’s Island; the Heads and Leisure Isle is an exciting holiday town with much to offer the visitor. certainly a good place to make your base as you tour the Gardeb Route. Accommodation options include many Hotels ; Guest Lodges and Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

The short area between Knysna and the next town, Plettenberg Bay has many quaint farm stores selling an assortment of local wares, there are also restaurant and accommodation facilities for those wanting to take their time along this section. One actually turns off the N2 into the holiday mecca of Plettenberg Bay, known to many as the Nice , Cannes, and even the French Riviera of South Africa, Plett, as it is commonly referred to, is the chosen holiday resort of many a well known South African businesses person, teeming with luxury homes, fine restaurants and a lovely, up-market shopping area. Add the mix of two good golf courses, Plettenberg Bay and Goose Valley,louis vuitton prices increase 2012, the beach, the polo fields and arguably the best weather along the coast and Plettenberg Bay has simply got the recipe just right for an African beach holiday.

One leaves Plettenberg Bay, having perhaps made a visit to the nearby Keurbooms River and lagoon along the N2 toward the Tsitsikamma forests and Nature Reserve. Either take the toll road or if you are not in a hurry, take the older road that passes through the forest and natural terrain, it is suggested you have a map with you, this is certainly the more picturesque route through the village of Natures Valley. At a small village called the Craggs, is the Bird’s of Eden, the largest under cover aviary in the world, set aside and hour or two for this and it’s sister attraction, Monkeyland, both well worth the visit, you must remember to take off your shiny articles, such as earings, some of the birds are a little too playful, a lovely experience not to be missed.

Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve is home to the Storms River Mouth area, camping,louis vuitton prices increase 2012, chalets and very well positioned along the rugged and exciting coastline. Storms River offers visitors nature walks, some exciting adventures such as tubing on the Storms River,louis vuitton prices increase 2012, scuba diving in the reserve, abseiling and quad biking for the young at heart.

As you wind your way toward Port Elizabeth, consider stopping over at Jeffries Bay and St Francis, both popular seaside resorts with many holiday homes available for rental.

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Alan Hawkins CEO

Travel the Garden Route South Africa

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Escape to the land of contrasts where the fresh smell of daisies, colourful spring flowers and sweet melodies greet you. Namaqua National Park boasts with a kaleidescope of indigenous flora species every spring time and it is for this reason alone that people are drawn to the area.

- Breathe in the fragrant aromas of spring flowers
- Find your own secluded oasis of tranquility
- Enjoy camping out under the African sky
- Situated 495km from Cape Town South Africa

Namaqua is famous for its display of wild flowers in spring and a rich diversity of succulent plants, with an estimated 3500 species. Escape to the land of contrasts, where the rigorous climate has created a myriad of life forms superbly adapted to their specific habitat.

Observe the fragrant aromas fields of flowers, starry nights, quiver trees, enormous granite outcrops and the icy Atlantic are few wonders that await you to what is truly the Creator’s playground. Namaqua is home to bulb flora of any dry region in the world and more than a 1 000 of its estimated 3 500 species are found nowhere in the world.

Amphibians and reptiles are well represented, with a number of endemic species. The mammal species that have adapted to these harsh conditions include Klipspringer, Aardvark, Baboon, Steenbok,Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue GM M93587, Duiker, Porcupine,Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue GM M93587, Black-Backed Jackal and Leopard. Birds are typical of the dry arid western regions of the country.

Accommodation can be arranged at nearby establishments in the region. Enjoy circular drives with viewpoints during the flowering season and short nature trails,Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue GM M93587.


Namaqualand falls within the winter rainfall region of South Africa. The highest rainfall period is from June to August. Average winter temperatures vary between 7C and 19C,Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue GM M93587, while the winter temperatures vary between 20C and 32C.

Rules and Regulations:

- Pets are not allowed in a national park.
- It is an offence to pick flowers or to remove plants or any other material from the park.

There are limited toilet facilities in the park.

General services are available at Kamieskroon. Medical services are only available in Springbok,Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bellevue GM M93587, which is 67 km away.

The topography is characterised by granite outcrops with large round or flat exposed rock separated by sandy alluvial valleys. Namaqua National Park is situated some 495 km from Cape Town off the N7 route to Namibia, and 67km from the town of Springbok in the north. The nearest town is Kamieskroon, which is some 22km from the reserve and park offices.

The reserve is open during the spring flower season from 8am to 5pm. The flowers are at their best between 10:30am and 4pm. A fee is payable at the start of the 5km ciruclar drive.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me on gerald@12234455.co.za or call me on +27-0720390184.

Travel Information About The Namaqua National Park South Africa