Usefulness of short hairstyle and maintenance

Short haircuts are very useful. It makes you look younger and look more intelligent. Do not be surprised by the comment that people thinking your sister is older than you and addressing you the younger one. Short hair cut makes your personality cute and sweet. Actually short hair is timeless. It can be old. As for instance bob cut which is seen as Cleopatras hair cut. It can be any modern variations like keiras hairstyle or Katie Holmess short haircut. But when you will apply this hair cut be careful about the fact that the cut should match your face cutting, body structure and life style. Unless your hair cut will be all mess.

Your ideal haircut will be the very cut that makes you very comfortable and the same time beautiful and happy. You would not regret over your hairstyle and will be happy each time you will look yourself in the mirror. For career oriented women and busy corporate women this cut is very handy and easy to handle. You will be feeling more in control and your tresses will also be under your control. It is strong as well as feminine. so the women who want to project a strong and at the same time a soft nave look they must try short hair cut at least for one time.

Short hair cut is time saving and money saving too. If you have hardly any time to spend for your hair care then switch to short hair cut. But be care choosing a short hairstyle because it should match your personality, life style, hair thickness, hair texture and body shape. So please consult your hairdresser and pick the right one. One thing is also very important to look at. That is what type of hairdo you see in catalogue or in any book is a result of enormous effort of a prominent fashion hair stylist. It is therefore not necessary that you will also get that exact look like the very model flaunting the hair cut, which you want to have. So do not choose something that your stylist is not very sure about that. Pick a simple but happening cut, which is your stylists also favorite cut.

Now we will discuss the 10things, which are very important to have a short haircut. Your natural long hair will hide the greasiness of your scalp. But your short hair will not hide anything. So, daily shampooing is very important. To avoid limp and oily hair always wash your hair.

If you want your short hair looks more glossy and extra shiny then use a crme or a gel or spray to make your hair ultra shiny and silky. You can add some natural home ingredients to have a shiny hair. Shiny heavy hair looks really very good. Cut your hair after every 4to 6 weeks. Because you want to keep your short hairstyle in a regular basis then you have to get trimmed regularly. Your hairstyle will be ruined if you ignore this.

Hair accessories are not for only long hair. The intelligent use of hair accessories for short hair can make your style. Hair bands, wraps, and small barrettes look great on short hair.

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The Ancient Olympia

Olympia is one of the most famous and visited destinations in the Greek region of Peloponnese. The main reason by which this destination is so famous is due to the fact that in this spot was were the ancient Olympic Games used to be held, a festivity which was not only important to this region but the rest of Greece and the entire world as well. This destination has been visited and explored by archeologists, historians, and scientists in general from the entire world as well as it is possible to see tourists from all places in it at almost any time of the year.The Olympic Games of the city of Olympia used to be held every four years, in a period called the olympiad, as long ago as the year 775 BC. These games were so important for the city and all Greece that are still remembered and cause this spot to be visited by tourists from the entire world in a constant basis.The city of Olympia is also famous by other elements and attractions, such as per example its impressive statue of Zeus. This city has a statue of great size, made of gold and ivory which represents the Greek God Zeus within a temple built in honor to this deity. This is one of the most interesting statues and attractions in Olympia as well as in the entire Peloponnese.Some of the major discoveries and one of the most important excavations in the city of Olympia took place in the year 1829. In this year, a French expedition started some important excavations and discovered some of the most interesting elements in the area. After this French expedition, a German one followed their work and several important objects, such as tools, and the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles were found.Olympia is situated in an area that is surrounded by hills and mountains in such a way that they provide a very peculiar and interesting background to this ancient spot. Meeting the city of Olympia, its antique statues and ruins can be one of the most memorable experiences tourists can have while exploring the Peloponnese.
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You Are Not Just A Mother, You Are YOU First!

Mothers face many challenges in todays world. They carry the responsibility of many roles. Through these roles we become different things to different people. Sometimes we get divided over having a career and having a families or find conflict between the different jobs that we try to do. Making the question Who am I? even harder to answer.It grows harder because mothers see this little person that looks up at them with innocent trusting eyes, mommy is everything to that little one. She makes the hurt from boo-boos go away with a kiss, chases the monsters from under the bed away, and rocks them after a bad dream. Every mother takes that responsibility and carries it with her no matter where she goes. It is an awesome responsibility of caring for this wonderful little person and being mom is always on the mind. As much as it is wonderful to revel in mommyhood, we still need to remember that being a mother is just one part of us, the more we allow ourselves to see who we are the better examples we can set for our children to leading a balanced life.As a mother, I have struggled to find my own identity. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, a sister, a friend..but who am I? It is easy to define yourself by what you do and what you mean to other people. As we take on these different roles our own identity gets blurred. It is harder to make the distinction. Who am I if I am not Logans mom or Bens wife? Who are you? A wife, a mother, an employee, they are all a part of who we are, but they do not define you. We are the only ones that are able to define who we are. When are we just women? Women that have our own values, ideas, and philosophies, women that are able to embrace their different roles in life, but still are able to maintain there sense of self. The importance of women defining who they are is giving them a chance to grow as women. To recognize that they need to take off all the different hats that they wear during the day and take time to honor who they are. The problem is that because they are in so many different roles that they stop seeing themselves separate from them. They stop taking time for themselves, because they are giving so much to everyone else. Does this sound familiar? Have you lost your identity among the different jobs that you do everyday? How do you see yourself? Here are a few questions that can help you determine if you are defining yourself by what you do instead of who you are:Do you spend at least an hour a day doing the things that you want to do? (Reading, participating in hobbies, watching your favorite TV program, etc)When asked to describe yourself do you start with I enjoy or I am a woman that believe/feel.? Or do you say, I am a mother or I am a nurse Are you able to say no to things that interfere with the things that you want to do? Or that you do not have time for?Do you feel that your life is in balance? Which means that you get enough time to pursue your own interest instead of just the interest of your children or significant other? Do you feel that you spend time equally on yourself as you do on others?If you answered no to any of the questions it is time to get back in touch with yourself. You need to not only stop defining yourself by what you do but you need to spend sometime getting to know who you are. Here are some tips for you to get in touch with the forgotten woman inside.Make sure that you spend time perusing your own interests. The problem with defining yourself by what you do is that you dont give yourself time to do what you want to do; your time is spent doing for others. Do something that you have always wanted to do; take a class, start a book club, anything that gives you some time to just do your own thing. Above all make the time to do it! Its ok to do something for yourself.Say NO frequently! Just because you take on different roles does not mean that you have to do everything for everybody. Recognize when there is something that others could really do for themselves. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of! REMEMBER it is just as much of a benefit for others to learn how to do for themselves as it is to you.Make sure that you have OFF DUTY time! Just like a conventional job, make sure there is a time of day when you are done. Dont work right up until you go to bed. Give yourself time to unwind, distress, and relax. Wait until the kids are in bed and take a long hot bubble bath. Curl up in your favorite chair with a good book. Meditate or do yoga. Do whatever relaxes you. You need this time to maintain some balance. Because of you multiple roles you are on the clock the majority of the time. You have to have time to distress! Without it you are going to burn out. Visualize your bank account if you keep making withdraws without making a deposit, eventually you are going to just run out of resources. Make sure to take time to revitalize yourself. I have found that by maintaining my own identity that I am a better mother, wife, daughter, business owner, sister, and friend. It maintains balance in my life because I know that even though I am different things to different people; I know what it means to just be me.
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Corfu Hotel- Luxurious amenities for comfortable vacations

Corfu Island belongs to the Ionian cluster of islands. It is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in all of Greece. The island opened its doors to international visitors and tourists way back in 1970s. It has been more than three decades now that the islands tourism infrastructure has drawn people from far and wide. The beguiling landscape, lush olive plantations, thousands of natural produces like fruits and herbs, aromatic wild flowers, beautiful hamlets on the mountain slopes, trendy coastal villages, gorgeous beaches and some amazing and famed museums and churches enhances the islands reputation as the best holiday destination in all of Greece. Summer season basically sees scores of tourists flocking to this region.

Keeping in mind the various touristy needs and to set up good standards, the tourism infrastructure has taken initiatives to provide the most modern amenities at any Corfu hotel in the region, be it in the quaint mountainous villages or in the coastal villages. Each Corfu hotel must have some basic facilities so that the tourists feel totally comfortable and relaxed. Such facilities will include parking space, private television, refrigerator, a small mini bar, rooms having air conditioning, bathrooms with Jacuzzi and a good shower system, computers with internet connection, cocktail bars, snack bars, restaurants catering international and local cuisine, salons, laundry service, pools, lounge areas and most importantly good room service.

However, each Corfu hotel differs from one another in some way or the other. If you prefer the mountain views then you would automatically search for a Corfu hotel located in the mountainous villages. Such a Corfu hotel will have suites or rooms with impressive view of the mountains at a distance with lush green vegetation. These rooms usually have balconies along with them. You will also view the colouful village houses on the slopes. There are also some boutique hotels coming up in Corfu. They have different kinds of themes that they exhibit in their architecture. Such concepts are created to lure the tourists and captivate their imagination. Boutique hotels might be expensive but they are worth the money.

You may also come across a Corfu hotel that is situated on a hillside and provides excellent view of the vast Ionian Sea as well. In case of those who prefer a nice Corfu hotel by the beach, for them there are plenty of choices. Such a Corfu hotel is easily available in the coastal villages and their location is usually by the beach side or a few km away from the beach. At any Corfu hotel along the beach side you will notice that the architecture is such that most of the rooms are sea facing with small or large balconies depending upon the budget that you can spent.

Luxury hotels have even come up with the novelty plan of creating private infinity pools attached to the room with stunning view of the sea and the beach area. These rooms in a Corfu hotel will usually be the grand suites with 3 or 4 bedrooms, full air conditioning, large lounge area, a spacious balcony, mini bar, kitchenette, refrigerator, private television, bathrooms with Jacuzzi, stylish shower systems and other amenities. These suites are very costly and only the high profile guests and dignitaries can afford it. Another important feature worth mentioning is the transportation facility provided by a Corfu hotel. It usually has contacts with car agencies for the pick up of guests and tourists from the airport and vice versa and also for sightseeing purposes. All such respective services and features at a Corfu hotel can surely win the hearts of its guests bringing them to this wonderful island again and again.

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Wilson Island On The Great Barrier Reef Is The Perfect Honeymoon Vacation Resort

If your perfect honeymoon resort has to be on a tiny coral cay, and it has to be an Australia Honeymoon Package on the Great Barrier Reef, then Wilson Island should tick all the right boxes. It is surrounded by a pristine coral reef and quite the loveliest of beaches.

If you have spent any time in Africa on safari and stayed in a tented camp, then the accommodation on Wilson Island will not be unfamiliar to you, except this is real five star luxury camping, all inclusive, with food that is just out of this world, and a fantastic wine cellar.

When people think of camping, have never been on a camping safari or stayed at Wilson Island they have this idea of sleeping bags and poles, and leaks and cold water showers.

Wilson Island is the perfect Honeymoon Vacation resort, because when they talk tents what they mean is six permanent tents all looking out over the reef and the ocean designed with the guests ultimate comfort in mind.

All of the tents have raised timber floors, King size beds with Duvets, Bedside Tables, Battery operated bedside lights, deck chairs, bathrobes, bath towels, beach towels, toiletries, and daily housekeeping service.

The only drawback is that because of the fact that Wilson Island uses solar power, all the hot showers are in the central amenities building, where each tent has its own private designated area.

So what will you do on Wilson Island as your perfect honeymoon resort.

The short answer is little or nothing, but you could cheerfully snorkel right off the beach where you will see some fantastic fish, and perhaps even a turtle as well.

You could just lie in a hammock and be lazy, or you can walk round the island, picnic on the beach, and end up watching the sunset drinking champagne, or the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee and biscuits.

Wilson is that kind of place, probably idyllic for three or four days with no mobile phone coverage, no children, no television, just the birds, and the crashing of the sea to listen to.

If you are able to entertain yourself, and you dont mind the unorthodox toilet arrangements, or a communal dinner party atmosphere in the evenings, then Wilson Island could be the perfect honeymoon resort.

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Techno Witch II, Magic With Your PC

You’ve heard of applied science, well how about applied Magick. The personal computer is just a tool after all, so in theory you should be able to apply the ancient traditions to the modern ways. Here are a few ways that I think you can use your PC to practice metaphysics.The Gods, Goddesses and energies that oversee the running of you computer include Mercury (Hermes) the God of Communication, Ariadne (the Weaver), the Archangel Gabriel (the Angel of Illumination, Vachu (the Hindu Goddess of Mystic Speech) or Chango, the God of Thunderbolts. If you are having computer problems light a red and blue candle to honour Mercury (for server and email problems), a purple candle to honour Ariadne (for site problems), Temple or Lotus incense to access Vachu (who can help with forwarding files), a yellow candle to access the wisdom of the Archangel Gabriel (to figure out how to get a program running) or a red candle to honour Chango (for problems with electricity).When sending a resume or an important file you can practice a bit of magic by creating a symbol for yourself to hide somewhere in the file or in the email. This symbol can represent success to you or prosperity. For instance $ would be an obvious one. Try creating, with a series of letters, numbers or symbols that are significant to you –a sigil that is attached to your emails. It is easy to create a sigil. Take a phrase such as “Money Come To Me” and shorten it to “MCTM” or “mctm” and put it in your tag before you send an important document. There are many sites on the web that teach you how to make a more obscure sigil using numbers and letters- just type the word sigil into your search engine. Once you create the sigil, blow it up into 24 point on your computer and “charge it’ by focusing your intent onto the symbol. Keep the master sigil in a file and attach a 9-point version to the bottom of files or emails.Has someone sent you a nasty email? Don’t respond with words. Try this version of a reversal spell. Send the email back to them nine times. If nine times seems too much, send it back three times. This follows the rule of sending back bad energy to its sender three times three times three. After reading their own words, nine times, this may cause the sender to rethink their malevolence. Also effective, is sending the sender back a BLANK email. Press reply, erase all text and charge the blank screen with what you want to say. Send it. The person who sent you the bad email in the first place will probably react with confusion and some fear. NOBODY likes to open a blank email. The blank email has a way of clearing the problem.You can use the naming and retrieving of files, to bring more luck, prosperity and love in your life. To do this you need to create a folder and fill it with files that contain one word such as LOVE, MONEY, and LUCK. Inside each of these files put a list of words that relate to your goal for instance in the file marked money write things such as Quick Cash, Relief From Debt, Prosperity, New Car or what ever you desire. Put these files on your desktop, so each time you start up your computer, you are retrieving the magical energy of the words inside the files.Turn your mouse into a Magick Mouse by storing it overnight inside a box or a “sleeping bag” that contains a coin, a sprig of rosemary, and a paper heart. There is an old saying that a “mouse in the house brings luck to the house. ‘ Every time you click your mouse, the energies represented by what you have stored in its “sleeping bag” is said to infuse your life with lucky energy.Another good way to manifest magic is to use your screen saver. Try to choose imagery that supports your magickal intent for instance, images of waterfalls and running water symbolize money, images of flowers represent love and images of clouds and sun represent the acquisition of experience and wisdom.Never underestimate the power of a password either. When you choose login names or passwords, try and choose names that attract positive energy. For instance the password name “fatdope” might just attract more fat dopes into your sphere. Remember the cosmic principle of “like attracts like.”Good times to do computer magic would be noon or on a Sunday, which are times influenced by the Sun, during the signs of Aquarius, Gemini or Libra which all relate to communication and are ruled by the planet Mercury.
Techno Witch II, Magic With Your PC

Brands Kooba Chiara Metallic Leather Hobo

BY Megs Mahoney DusilJanuary 6, 2006

Kooba Chiara Metallic Leather HoboBringing a little more subtle shine to our day is the Kooba Chiara Metallic Leather Hobo. Not all of us are into gold, but many of us may dig the bronze look. I for one have learned to love both gold and bronze, but then again when these colors are on a bag it all depends. The metallic Chiara bag is stylishly made from bronze tumbled cowhide Italian leather and features antiqued brass rivets on the body. From the body stems the shoulder strap and under the strap you will find a zip top closure. The inside is lined in forest green suede, which will compliment the metallic bronze leather. Also, there is an inside zip pocket and two cell phone pockets. Measuring 8 1/2″H x 16″W x 5″D this bronze bag could compliment many outfits and bring a little shine to your wardrobe and day. Buy it via Bergdorf Goodman for $525.

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Brands Kooba Chiara Metallic Leather Hobo

Brands RHBH Reunion- “Ive got fur and Im not Giggy.”

BY Amanda MullFebruary 2, 2011

As far as reunions go, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills get-togethers wont go down as the best in Housewives history, thats for sure. These ladies are too diplomatic well-trained to call each other names and get in each others faces when not plied by copious amounts of alcohol, and although everyone had on cocktail dresses at the reunion, drinks werent served until the end. And even then, they werent served to Kim.

We touched on some sensitive topics last night including Cedric the grifter and Allison the crazy psychic with the electronic cigarette of insanity, but little fur flew and even fewer secrets were spilled. It was worth it just so see Lisa and Ken joke around with each other, though. Where do I apply to be the new Cedric?

1. Andy Cohen is sick of Camille not taking responsibility for anything. Whether it be her divorce, the shows editing or Kyles bullying, Camille always had something to blame for how awful she looked on the show. Andy finally cornered her and forced her to admit a little responsibility over one mean remark in the entire scope of nasty thing she said throughout the series, and while the camera remained on her for a second or two afterward, it seemed as though something inside of Camilles brain cracked a little bit.

2. When Cedric left, he packed his things in Kens suitcases. Also, Cedric has the most punchable face in the history of the planet, and yet I somehow didnt realize that until now. How did I miss it? Bravo gave Cedric a little segment to talk shit about Lisa, her giant ego, the low wages he was being paid and what horrible people she and Ken are, and it couldnt have backfired on him in a more obvious way if it had been planned. Just like everyone else, I adore Lisa, and seeing his smug, grifting face going to acting classes to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame made me feel slightly stabby. Finding out that hes trying to extort Lisa for money made me feel even more stabby. Watch out, Cedric. You dont want to run in to me in a dark parking lot any time soon.

3. Watching Taylor watch Russell act like a dick is absolutely fascinating. Whatever cracked in Camilles head after she admitted responsibility for saying nasty things also cracked in Taylors head while Andy played a few clips of Russells creepy serial killer stare and Taylor crying over him. The picture-in-picture treatment that we got with those scenes was particularly excellent because the content was so incredibly negative; it was a lot different than watching Lisa watch herself poke Kims boobs, for example. I could do an entire reunion of just reaction shots; I think that would be far more telling than any of the talking points we heard last night.

4. Paul thinks bickering is fun. And hes right, it is kind of fun if you know the other person isnt taking it seriously! When talking to Adrienne and Paul about their relationship, the subject of pre-nuptial agreements came up, and Adrienne and Paul have one. Of course they do, they were both rich and successful before they got married! As for the rest of the cast members, they all denied having signed anything but a marriage license, which surprised me about Taylor in particular. Russell was rich when they got married, right? Is he a moron? Or did he forgo the pre-nup as a way to keep Taylor silent about his identity as the Beverly Hills Strangler?

5. Mauricio is Camilles realtor again. Which is good, because if Kelsey gets to keep the house, shes going to need one. Also, in unrelated news, female viewers love Mauricio so much that theyre sending him naughty pictures of themselves. Im confident when I say that he is the only Housewives husband to ever have that effect on anyone. Although Ken is pretty awesome..

6. Ken has just as good of a sense of humor as Lisa does. He was shattered when Lisa said that they only have sex on Christmas and his birthday, because thats a lie. They also have sex on Valentines Day. He got serious for a moment and spoke about Cedric, and I think its possible that she and Ken have the best, sanest and most enviable marriage not just on Real Housewives, but on television as a whole. When Im old enough to have grown children, I hope I look half as good as Lisa does and have a man half as supportive and kind as Ken. I would be a happy girl.

7. Kyle and Kim actually seemed to have a pretty decent grasp on the dynamics in their relationship. Much has been said about whether or not Kyle is fair to Kim, but when Kyle and Kim were both asked to comment on it, they seemed to be largely on the same page about why Kyle seems mean sometimes. And after watching that back and forth for a few minutes, something occurred to me. Normally, the relationships we see take place on Real Housewives have developed over the space of a couple years, and sometimes even less. Kim and Kyle have been building an infinitely complex bond over decades, most of which well never understand, let alone see. I think that might be why Im instinctually slow to judge when Kyle seems mean or Kim seems spineless.

8. Watching Kyle and Kims fight still makes me massively uncomfortable. It still seems like something that the public doesnt have any right to gawk at, but gawk we did for a second time while Kim and Kyle looked on uncomfortably. As far as the content of the argument goes, Kim says doesnt regret being a child star and that she enjoyed her work, although that doesnt mean it didnt completely screw her up in the process. Also, Kims claims about her financial support of the family werent entirely accurate, according to Kyle, and Kim didnt contradict that. Their dad bought the familys home, and the other children in the family also worked.

9. Kim refused to confirm or deny that she has a drinking problem. Not a good indication, since it seems to be true and admitting you have a problem is the first step. Literally, its the first of 12. And although its her business if she talks about it or not, since we already know that she was in rehab for a week, being contrite and honest about whatever struggles shes having would likely have been an indicator of an optimistic outlook. To me, refusing to comment is not a good sign.

10. Camille insists that she didnt intentionally ply that crazy psychic with alcohol. Camille refused to say anything unkind about Allison, though, so Lisa went ahead and did it for her. She also insisted that the psychics presence wasnt a setup but that, somehow, Faye Resnicks presence was. And when Kyle accurately pointed out that Camille thinks everything is a setup, Camille got mad at her for using the word “setup.” At this point in the episode, I developed a very sharp pain in my head.

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Brands RHBH Reunion: “Ive got fur and Im not Giggy.”

Brands Chanel Spring 2011 Pre-Collection will make traditionalists very happy

BY Amanda MullJanuary 28, 2011

Any post about Chanel handbags always elicits a fair amount of grumbling from longtime fans of the French brand who feel that its handbags have grown too faddish or lost their traditional Chanel feel, and when you look at the last few collections, perhaps those folks do have a point. If youre among them, though, Id heartily advise you to take a look through Chanel Spring 2011 Pre-Collection Handbags, which contains less handbag gimmickry than most of us have grown accustomed to from Lagerfeld & Co. If these bags are an indication of whats to come for spring, I bet Ill know a lot of happy Chanel fans.

2014 michael kors flash sale

Brands Lara Bohinc Rosetina Bag

Lara Bohinc Rosetina Bag The Chloe Heloise posted earlier proved that subtle hues of metallic are a stunning way to add shine. But some designers create bags that show us what not to do. If your eyes do not hurt yet, they will begin to slowly hurt as you continue to look at the extremely cheap looking Lara Bohinc Rosetina Bag. The degree of hideous gold is not even explainable in words. Gold foiled leather is thrown together with the most tacky ornate chain link handle. Everything on every part of this bag is gold, and not one part of it is tolerable. Take this in the sun and cause a car accident from the glare. Take this in your house and get a tan. To make it even more childish and juvenile there is perforated leather on the main section of the bag. Not always a huge fan of perforated leather, but to see it on a gaudy gold bag makes my eyes hurt. Honestly, the fugliness of this handbag is unfathomable. It is really just that ugly. It does not even make a good conversation piece. Nor does it work as the bag for the gal who is coined the “one who marches to her own drummer”. There needs to be no drummer, no drum, just no bag.

Fugly at NAP for $965.

BY Megs Mahoney DusilSeptember 10, 2007

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